metal care 

I don't recommend using any harsh dips or polishing cremes on metals.

ARGENTIUM STERLING SILVER .935 that has not been darkened for aesthetic effect,has a white finish and is highly tarnish-resistant. You may never need to polish it.

When arg sterling silver is darkened for design purposes, you can clean the metal with a little mild soapy water to preserve the overall dark finish.

For two-tone finishes, clean with soapy water and buff with a soft cloth to bring out highlights while preserving the richness of the darker recessed surfaces.

For COPPER, STERLING SILVER .925 AND JEWELER"S BRONZE, try a little plain toothpaste (no whiteners) on your wet fingers. Rub the paste on the metal for 10 seconds, rinse and buff with a soft cloth. 

This will clean the metal beautifully and refresh highlights on two-tone designs without affecting any dark patina finishes in the recessed grooves of the piece.

Copper and jeweler's bronze will patina to deep reddish browns naturally over time. You may prefer this look to a brighter one.

You can experiment!

If you don't have any experience wearing copper, please click on: COPPER NOTES