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 metal care 



I don't recommend using any harsh dips or polishing cremes on metals.

Keep ALL jewelry metals (precious and non-precious) out of chlorine pools, hot tubs and salt water.


that has not been darkened for aesthetic effect,has a white finish and is highly tarnish-resistant. You may never need to polish it.


STERLING SILVER .935 .940 & .925

may be darkened for design purposes.

The metal can be re-darkened if it starts to lighten over time.

Or you may decide that you like the change!

I'm happy to re-do a dark patina finish for you at no cost.


To touch-up a DARK PATINA yourself,

remove oils and dirt from the item. Take a piece of warm and freshly made, hard-boiled egg white and place the jewelry next to it ( not touching ) under an over-turned glass jar for 5-12 hrs. Place the jar in the sun for faster results.

When the piece is darkened,you can lightly buff it with a green Scotch-Brite kitchen pad or a red Scotch-Brite pad from a hardware store.

This will bring out highlights while preserving the richness of the darker recessed surfaces.

Soaking your silver in a sulfurous hot spring will also darken it!

( sealing your metal with non-toxic jewelry wax or a drop of vegetable oil after you do this darkening and buffing process is a good idea, but not necessary ) 

For touching up a SATIN finish that has gotten shiny,use your Scotch-Brite pad.

Brush along the surface of the piece in one direction.

For touching up a SHINY finish that has gotten dull or for bringing out highlights on a textured piece, use a polishing cloth. 

I recommend Sunshine Cloth.

(  wash the piece with mild soapy water after using a Sunshine Cloth or Scotch-Brite pad.

...wash your hands as well  )


will oxidize to rich, dark colors and tones naturally over time. You may prefer this look to a brighter one.

To BRIGHTEN these metals,try a little plain toothpaste (no whiteners) on your wet fingers. Rub the paste on the metal for 10 seconds, rinse, dry and buff with a soft cloth. 

This will clean the metal beautifully and refresh highlights on two-tone designs without affecting any dark patina finishes in the recessed grooves of the piece.


You can use Sunshine Cloth and Scotch-Brite pads on these metals as well, for different effects.

A RED PATINA on copper is one of the most durable patinas there is. I like to use a tiny drop of olive oil once in a while to bring out the oranges and reds.

If you don't have any experience wearing copper and copper alloyed metals, please click on: COPPER NOTES




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